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Teeth Straightening in Medicine Hat

Gaslight Dental provides comprehensive dental exams and can evaluate if orthodontic services for teeth straightening is recommended.  Conventional or comprehensive orthodontic treatment is generally defined as corrective treatment that begins in your teenage or adult years and is completed in just one stage, whereas two-phase orthodontics begins in childhood and is an ongoing process.  Dr Richardson at our Medicine Hat office is a trained preventative Healthy Start appliance provider that can sometimes help lessen the need or decrease the length of time in comprehensive braces.  Correcting damaging habits early, at a young age can improve the ability for teeth to come into the correct position.  Habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusts, mouth breathing and nighttime grinding can affect our children's development of their jaws and teeth.

Dr. Richardson assists patients wanting to improve the quality of their smiles. From front teeth bonding to clear retainers, our clinic is pleased to sit down and review all of your corrective options.


One of the most asked about products in dentistry is the Invisalign® system for teens and adults. This series of removable clear aligners offers many advantages when compared to standard braces.  We can evaluate if this is an option for you:

Almost invisible while being worn
Corrects simple and more advanced issues
No broken wires to contend with
Fewer trips to the dentist’s office
Visible results at every stage of treatment
Provides an option to monitor usage
Facilitates easy brushing and flossing
Promotes great looking teeth

Whether you’re missing teeth or you’re unhappy with the state of your current smile, the staff at Gaslight Dental is ready with a host of possible solutions. Give us a call to set up a visit


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New Patients Welcome

Whether you live in Medicine Hat or a neighbouring community, our general dentists are ready to address your dental needs.

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