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Intraoral Exams for Medicine Hat Patients

Some benefits include:

Capacity to take extraoral images, intraoral images and even videos as needed
High zoom capability
Images appear on our computer in real time
Helps us monitor your oral health
Photos can be taken of tooth issues such as cracks or fillings that are breaking down
Can take photos of oral pathology/abnormal tissue
Helps monitor healing
Can take before/after photos
Great to show children and others areas that are being missed when brushing and flossing
Assists in communication with specialists (photos can be e-mailed to specialists in other cities, possibly saving the patient a trip to a larger centre, such as Calgary, where these specialists are located)
Helps us aid you in getting insurance coverage for required dental treatment (images offer visual proof to support insurance claims of patients)
A photo says more than words

Has your dentist ever handed you a mirror mid-treatment to try and provide you with a vantage of the work being performed? It’s hardly ideal viewing. Thankfully, with the advent of intraoral cameras, both patients and dentists now have a better option for closer inspections of teeth and gums. If it has been awhile since your last dental checkup, Dr. Richardson at Gaslight Dental offers dental exams in Medicine Hat employing some of the latest technologies in the field.

An intraoral camera is basically a wand with a tiny digital camera that allows us to capture images of those difficult to reach areas of the mouth. This device can be used as both a diagnostic and educational tool.

Stop by for a consultation with Dr. Richardson today. Our clinic uses DEXIS CariVu™ tech (low-dose digital X-rays) to detect potential concerns.

New Patients Welcome

Whether you live in Medicine Hat or a neighbouring community, our general dentists are ready to address your dental needs.

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