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Medicine Hat’s Trusted Children’s Dentist


Having healthy teeth is vital for the overall oral health of your child. To have strong teeth throughout their lives, children should learn to care for their teeth and practise good oral hygiene habits at an early age. Our dentist at Gaslight Dental will discuss with you the methods of preventing tooth decay and cavities in your child’s teeth. With regular maintenance, the incidence of cavities in your child will be reduced.

Factors Affecting Your Child’s Teeth

Parents often ignore or overlook how diet plays an important role in maintaining oral health. We strongly believe introducing healthy tooth care practices and teaching children about the importance of a good diet decreases the risk of developing cavities. There are various factors that could lead to tooth decay in children, some of them being:

Irregular/improper brushing habits
Poor food choices
Unbalanced diet

Poor Habits such as mouth breathing, sucking thumb, prolonged soother, grinding teeth

We offer a range of children’s dental care services including:

Regular check-ups: Prevention of tooth decay and good knowledge of oral hygiene are the keys to a happy and healthy smile. Regular checkups will check for any cavities starting and tooth decay.  Prevention is key.

Children should have their first dental visit within 6 months of getting a tooth or by their first birthday.  We love seeing children of all ages.  Your child is not expected to sit by themselves to be seen by our dentist.  Dr Richardson has techniques to allow us to see your tiny toddlers and infants.  The younger we start developing a positive dental experience the better.

Dental cleanings: This technique helps remove any plaque, tartar buildup or stains and polishes your child’s teeth.
Home-care instruction and diet advice: We have created a supportive and warm environment to foster your child’s oral health. Come to us and our dentists will sit with you and advice you on the nutritional diet your child needs.

Sleep Disorder Breathing and Dental habits can be evaluated by our Healthy Start dental appliance provider Dr Richardson

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) will be available soon 

The first dental consultation for your child is an important milestone for parents. At Gaslight Dental, we create a comfortable and trusting environment to ensure your child is given the right introduction to dental care. Keeping in mind that the best strategy for lifelong oral health starts at an early age, visit us in Medicine Hat today.

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