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Detecting Cavities and Cracks Using Light Technology

Some of the benefits include:

Non-ionizing radiation for cavity detection
Employs near-infrared transillumination technology (uses light NOT an X-ray)
Great for children and pregnant patients
Detects cavities and cracks in teeth with a high degree of accuracy
Allows us to monitor areas of concern such as incipient cavities or weak spots by comparing images
dexis carivu caries detection

The DEXIS CariVu™ is a portable detection device that uses transillumination technology that allows us to actually see through the tooth to trace the source of the problem. Tooth enamel appears transparent while porous lesions such as cavities or cracks will trap and absorb the light appearing dark.

Dr. Richardson employs all the latest diagnostic tools for your comfort and peace of mind. Contact our clinic today for your next appointment.

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