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Family Dentistry

Dr. Richardson welcomes all new patients, including walk-ins and those with dental emergencies.

General and Preventative Care

CariVu – non-radiation caries/crack detection
Oral exams
Dental hygiene
Pain management therapy, emergency patients welcome
Restorative fillings, composite bonding (white), metal free
Preventative care
Periodontal care
Crown and bridge
Root canal therapy
Teeth extraction

Children’s Dentistry

CariVu - non-radiation caries detection for children
Fluoride treatments
Dental education
Sport mouth guards

Space maintainers

Oral habits such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing

Nitrous (coming soon)

School and classroom presentations

Book a dental office tour

Cosmetic Care

Teeth whitening
Cosmetic tooth reshaping
All zirconia crown and bridge (white, metal free)

Front teeth fillings

Diastema closure (filling in space between teeth)

​Sleep Disorder Breathing &

Sleep Apnea

Adult mild sleep apnea appliances

Dental evaluation of signs of sleep disorder breathing and sleep apnea

Services provided by general dentists.


Whether you require immediate treatment or you would like to book a general checkup, we’re here to address all your dental concerns. Connect with us today.


We can detect teeth cracks, dental caries and more using this innovative device.

Intraoral Camera

See exactly what your dentist is looking at for a more interactive approach to checkups.

DEXIS Radiography

Our clinic has the technology to capture the clearest images for a more accurate diagnosis.

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