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Protect Your Oral Health in Medicine Hat with DEXIS Radiography

Benefits of Radiography

Regular dental checkups are important for your overall well-being. Radiography assists us in the following ways:

Quick results
Radiation exposure is minimal
Allows the dentist to see tooth decay between the teeth or under fillings, diseases in the bone, periodontal disease, and some types of tumors
Identifies diseases and developmental problems before they become more serious
Monitors teeth and jawbone growth in children

Radiography is the use of low-dose digital X-rays to help diagnose a variety of dental health concerns. For proactive oral health, visit us in Medicine Hat. At Gaslight Dental, Dr. Richardson relies on products made by DEXIS for highly-accurate cavity detection.

DEXIS is a pioneer in the field of digital imagery for the dental community at large. They introduced digital radiography on laptop computers back in the ‘90s and created the first intraoral digital radiography system officially accepted by the American Dental Association.

You shouldn’t have to live with mouth pain. Get in touch with Dr. Richardson’s staff to book an appointment.

New Patients Welcome

Whether you live in Medicine Hat or a neighbouring community, our general dentists are ready to address your dental needs.

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