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Medicine Hat’s Trusted Dentists for Emergency Dental Services


Sudden and excessive toothache might be an instance where it becomes compulsory to visit the dentist as early as possible. Medicine Hat’s Gaslight Dental provides emergency dental services for such situations. If you’ve chipped or knocked out a tooth, prompt action is necessary to avoid irrevocable damage. To seek immediate help, walk into our clinic today. 

An untreated tooth condition can eventually lead to infection and bigger health concerns later on. To ensure you’re not at risk, visit our dentist and explain the problem. Our highly qualified team of dentists will provide a solution immediately. Our dentists are skilled and experienced, and we are a trusted choice of the residents of Medicine Hat.

Dental emergency situations where we can help include:

Extreme toothache
Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
Dental infection
Lost fillings

Broken crowns

Mouth trauma or bleeding
Gum inflammation

Contact Gaslight Dental today for fast and reliable tooth pain relief.
information, contact Gaslight Dental in Medicine Hat today.

Quality Dental Care

Come to us if you seek quality dental care for you or your children.

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